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Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
I really like your idea the ranking system would be good at the start but after a while it would be unbalanced. I recombined a ranking system like Starcraft has with different leagues but you all play in the same roster but it says which team is favored and which team is unfavored then when the underdog wins they get a huge boost of points but if the underdog loses they hardly lose any ranking

I think the kind of ranking I had in mind would require keeping averages for each player and giving them a rating relative to those averages, not necessarily arranging all pvp players in a list of who's number one best down the line. That is to say, you could have lots of people with the same rank. Perhaps I should have used the word score instead of rank.

There could be categories like:

Killer - Your kills to death ratio is 5.8 to 1, or 1.4 to 1. This would then give you a relative score. Cryptic would have to analyze the data for a month or so to see what is normal/good/exceptional to make ratings. If you are among the top five percent in kill ratio you would get a 75 rating making for a total of 100 in that category. You start at 25 if you graduated vanilla. If you are middle of the road your score for the category would be around 60ish.

Tank - You receive x amount of damage compared to having died y amount of times. If you are a hard nut to crack you might get up to 100 in this category.

Healer - This one would probably be how much you heal per match on average compared to your peers.

Trying out different builds would possibly be detrimental to one category or another, so maybe one should declare before entering everyday queue matches if they are playing tank/healer/or killer. Otherwise it would be near impossible to max out all three categories simultaneously. Some players are very versatile and might pull off the triple crown if they can declare what scores they want a specific match to affect. If you don't pick a category the results affect all categories by default.

During the weekly featured events your best score would be visible, the best killers, tanks, or healers would all be 80's to 100 and key targets. Most regular pvp'ers would probably be in the 50-75 point range. poor players with nice ships would likely fill the 26-50 range.

PvE players would be fodder flying around as 1's and 5's etc. but would be important as swarms and making sure there is no shortage of captains during the event window. If a PvE player queues up to help out and they get killed quickly it's not a big deal, they were only worth a point, but they are needed to fill the map and keep the fight going.