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01-01-2013, 09:34 AM
I would prefer it be more of a Cruiser than a Science or Escort myself.

If it had 8 weapon slots and sensor analysis, but no subsystem targeting, and no ability to fit cannons, I would be happy.

I realized if it had a Bridge Officer setup like this:

Commander Tactical
Lieutenant Commander Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Science
Lieutenant Universal

It would be able to use all of the abilities that the Sarr Theln NPC ship can, and still have enough ability options to make almost everyone happy. It's sort of like the Atrox BO slot loadout, having a commander BO and two lieutenant commander BO's.

I have to say it's odd that the Wiki says the Sarr Theln can use Scatter Voleey 3, but whatever.

It should also have at least 3 of each console. I don't really care which type gets the 4th console slot.

My idea for this, is that you run at high weapons and aux power, and use energy siphon to raise your weapons power even higher, letting you use lots of beam weapons with great effectiveness. Which is why fitting cannons on it would be a waste of its potential, IMO. Being a carrier it wouldn't have a great turn rate, anyway.

The Breen are notorious for using energy siphon and energy dissipators, which is why I think it should be a crucial part of its successful build.