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I've still new in this game. Less than 3 months in and I am currently level 50. I've been using a Tactical Escort Refit for the past month or so. It is a very effective, touch little ship. Lately I have realized that as I have progressed in Ranks and as I continue on the Romulan Missions, the ships firepower seems to be faltering.

Up front I have a Quantum Torpedo launcer and the Hargh'peng, along with a Quad Cannon and a Plasma Dual Heavy cannon. Aft I have Phaser Turret and a Disruptor Turret.

Tactical Consoles I got a Zero Point Quantum Chamber, Warhead Yield Chamber and a Prefire Chamber.

Baudl a 4 fore/ 2 aft and 3 tac consoles is a captain lvl refit defiant
yeah you are definately right...he was using a captain ship all the way through 40-50 and apparently some time at lvl 50 too. i couldn't actually believe it or i didn't want to believe it.
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