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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Seven should have been blown out an airlock and phasered into molecules

Borg is Borg

as to a deal with the devil

"remodulate the deflector array and collapse fluidic space around the borg ships "
thus killing BOTH races

its what The real captains would have done (well actually picard would have negotiated a three way peace over tea and cake )
Luckily Riker et al. disagreed with that assertion over rescuing Picard, who was brought back to the human species and went on to save the Federation and the time continuum. I guess they shouldn't have bothered, or better yet, still gone through with the rescue, but airlocked him Laura Roslin->Leoben Conoy/Number Two style...

Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
There was no place on voyager for a borg
I agree, then again Seven was no longer Borg as she had her Humanity returned to her, albeit slightly augmented out of necessity, just like people with pacemakers, cochlear implants and artificial hips.
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