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01-01-2013, 10:16 AM
Name: Antares Carrier Refit (canon)
Class: Flight Deck Cruiser
Hull: 43,000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Weapons: 4 Fore 4 Aft
Crew: 3200
Bridge Officers: Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Science, Lieutenant Commander Universal, Lieutenant Tactical
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 2 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 3 Science
Turn Rate: 7 or 8
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Inertia Rating: 35
Sensor Analysis
Hangar Slots: 1
+5 to all power levels

It's hard to tell from the above picture, how it compares in size to a Galaxy class because it appears in the foreground, however I would think to function as a Carrier that it would need to be comparable in size.

It should come with a Bajoran Interceptor Carrier Pet, that uses two phaser beams, instead of a phaser and torpedo like most other Carrier Pets. They should be small, fast, and weak. So there should be a large number of them per wing. This means they would shoot lots of phaser beams, and be very annoying.

Rather than come with a special universal console, it should have its own custom interior. It shouldn't be anything huge like the multi-map Federation interiors, but a single map like the Tholian interior would be fine. A single hallway with rooms off of it would be nice, all done in Bajoran architecture. One room should contain a shrine with a "Traveling Vedek" that gives unique Duty Officer missions. Like reading scriptures or blessing the crew, which would give temporary buffs to different starship systems.

It could be a C-Store Federation Ship (which I would like), or part of a Bajoran Lockbox (which I would like less).

*Oh, and I call it a "Refit" because they were already out of date ships during the Dominion War. However I don't see any reason why they couldn't be Refit to perform to modern Starfleet Standards.

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