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*R.S.S. Republic, berthed at Deep Space 61.

Republic of United Star Systems Military Status:
  • Military Operations Command Centre (M.O.C.C.) is being relocated to a secure, confidential location
  • Republic Shipyards currently under repair - Falos II still operational
  • Republic Fleets regrouping within Republic Territory for redeployment and restructuring
  • R.S.S. Matthew Neilson (Matthew Neilson Class (Same class as the Republic) ready for deployment

Lanco II. Synthesiser Vessels are landing on the planet to initialise colonisation efforts.

I.R.W. Donatra, Romulus Orbit. Romulan Praetor Vala is meeting with rebel leaders to arrange a ceasefire.*

Vala: This war is senseless! Romulus will stand alone - at least for the time being.

Every major power in the Quadrant was hit hard by M's attack. The Federation is going to spend years rebuilding her forces, and the Klingon and Romulan peoples have resurfaced as major powers again as a result.

Rebel Leader: You speak of Imperialism?

Vala: I speak of the possibility to unite our people again and have a voice in Galactic Politics. That won't happen if we're still fighting amongst ourselves!

Rebel Leader: Vala, if I am to tell my people to stand down, I need to be able to tell them that we will be welcomed back.

Vala: They will be. There has been enough bloodshed.

Tarak, I will need an advisor. You will prove useful in that respect.

Rebel Leader (Tarak): I am honoured, but why me?

Vala: I don't need an advisor who'll agree with everything I say. That will lead to disaster. In that same respect, I don't need someone who'll argue with me on everything. You've been looking for a peaceful resolution to this Civil War ever since Daron was killed.

Tarak: I may not agree with Federation Control over the Empire, but I do believe in peace, Praetor.

Very well.

*He turns to his lieutenant*

Tell our men to stand down!

Vala: Thank you. There's a conference convening in two weeks to discuss Galactic affairs. I will be attending, and I'd like for you to join me.

Tarak: As I sign of union?

Vala: Precisely.

Tarak: Very well. I--

*An alarm goes off as all the computer systems on Romulus go down. When they come back up, the screens are red showing a virus infiltration.*

What is this?!

Vala: I had nothing to do with this! Vala to Bridge, what's your status?

Computer: Warning, virus infiltration of computer systems. Auto-defence systems are no longer under our control.

Vala: *Curses in Romulan* GET DOWN!

*Everyone ducks beneath the conference table as the auto-defence disruptor turrets activate and start firing.*

Tarak: Someone evidently does not WANT peace!

Vala: And no one here is armed! Great!

*A team of Assault Ops troopers blast through the Jefferies Hatch and throw an EMP grenade, temporarily disabling the turrets, before using their phaser rifles to destroy them.*

Assault Ops Commander: Madame Praetor! This way!

*The group move into the Jefferies Tube where the Assault Ops Commander takes of his helmet and looks at the Romulan Officials.*

Commander David Crenshaw, Republic Naval Assault Operations. 3 hours ago we intercepted a message from the U.S.S. Venture to the Romulan Defence Network containing a viral program. We were mobilised when Naval Command ascertained that it was an assassination attempt - on your life, Mr. Tarak.

Tarak: What? Why?

Crenshaw: Unknown. Drake obviously wants you dead, and the next in line to command Rebel Forces may not share your vision of peace.

There's an AS-134 waiting for us with orders to get you and the Praetor to Khitomer safely while we await the Peace Conference's location. Come with me, please.

*Crenshaw leads the group into an Assault Shuttle which detaches from the hull, cloaks, and warps out for Khitomer.*

OOC: Sorry, Allen, forgot you weren't around for this bit.

Franklin Drake stole a retrofitted Galaxy-class vessel - U.S.S. Venture - and has been on the run.

The Venture was retrofitted to fight the Iconians. It has advanced computers (allowing it to hack control systems - like a ship's auto-destruct program), a holo-cloak, etc.

BTW, Khitomer's been done to death for Peace Conferences. How about we choose Regulus, or Coridan, heck, what about Nimbus III?!

*U.S.S. Valiant arrives at Earth, carrying Admiral William Ross II. Ross is beamed down to the President's Office in Paris.*

Santiago: Admiral. Please, take a seat.

Ross: Thank you, sir.

*Ross sits opposite Santiago, as Santiago watches him suspiciously.*

Santiago: With most of Starfleet Command killed, I don't exactly have a hell of a lot of choice but to keep you on. So, I might as well make the most of it.

Ross: Sir?

Santiago: You're loyal to the Federation, and you know when to betray it to save it when necessary. You have a sterling record with the exception of the Iconian Incident.

I'd be remiss to turn away such a valuable asset without first trying to make it work. I'd like you to consider a position as my military advisor.

Ross: Thank you, sir, but, surely this is a controversial decision?

Santiago: Well, if you prefer, there are several Secret Service Agents outside ready to throw you in a cell for treason.

Ross: Controversial works.

Santiago: I'm glad you see it my way.

Rear Admiral Allen, would you please report to my Office?

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