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# 436 STO Default Options bind
01-01-2013, 11:08 AM
Forgive my ignorance but why the OP asked for the STO Options keybinds be changed to something else:

i = Inventory
k = Skills
u = Status
o = People
j = Missions
l = Log
m = Map

Skills = Control+k "GenSendMessage Root ShowPowers"
People = Control+p "GenSendMessage Root ShowPeople"
Missions = Control+j "GenSendMessage Root ShowMissions"
Captain's Log = Control+l "GenSendMessage Root ShowCaptainLog"
Map = Control+m "GenSendMessage Root ShowMap"
Fleet = Control+f "GenSendMessage Root ShowFleet"
Remote Contact = Control+h "GenSendMessage Root ShowRemoteContacts" (This is hailing Starfleet.)
Tickets = Control+t "GenSendMessage TicketWindow_Root ShowWithoutScreenshot" (Used to view any Bug Tickets.)
Assignments = Control+a "GenSendMessage Root ShowShipCrewAssignments"
Status = Control+s "GenSendMessage Root ShowStatus"
Tray Powers = Control+w "GenSendMessage Root ShowTrayPowers"
Inventory = Control+i "GenSendMessage Root ShowInventory"

Shouldn't this matter at all. I tried keybinding without doing the above steps and still was able to bind whole trays. Is it really that critical and if so what is the impact. I'm sorry but couldnt find a good answer in the entire post. Other guides dont mention it at all.