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Originally Posted by zahinder View Post
So I have a tactical Gorn, and I'd LIKE him to use racial ship.

The Varanus has nice shields, but it's a science ship, through and through. Advice?

I'm thinking I should respec my Gorn as if he were a science captain, mostly, and then use tac abilities to spike damage and refresh abilities.
I've been flying a Gorn Tactical in a Gorn ship since I hit Lvl 50 (A long time ago). I've tried other birds, but I've always come back to the Varnaus.

Your ship is a very solid one, the only thing that sucks is killing stuff fast. You can set up a build that can pretty much ignore the enemy actions on normal difficulty and still be effective.
The only time I've had an issue was with a time limit. I'd win, no doubt, however it'd be some time, which often was longer than the time allowed to kill the target.

I normally run With Gravity Well I and III, with a high Aux and lots of Shield and hull heals.

I've found there's two appraoches.

1: Torpdeo build. I tried loads of torp types until I settled on Plasma. With three plasma laucnhers you can get a torpedo in the air every three seconds (the end of the cycle is slightly longer at 4).
That gets a constant plasma burn going on the enemy, and who cares if their shields are still up? This leaves you loads of power to run into Shields .

Tactical Abilities are normally two torpedo spreads, linked with Gravity well it gets allot of things on fire Very quickly.

I feel that the Fleet ship will only work even better with this build (third Plasma burn console). Not quite got there yet.

The other option I used is Two Cannons and three Turrets, along with a chroniton Torpedo.
For power management I put the power from shields into Weapons, and then strapped on a Plasmodic leech console. A gravity well followed by a Cannon scatter volley gets a startling strike rate and a fairlly signifficant boost to the the systems at low power.

I did try beam banks insted of cannons, with beam fire at will (kept the turrets though to control Agro generation) due to the ranges I normally fired at, but I just didn't like the down range effect, it felt less damaging. I suspect this is due to the lower fire rate, and the Turrets not getting boosted meaning that the power change wasn't as pronounced.

I I also tried replacing the Torpedo with another cannon and a turret with the Borg cutting beam. However the long range of the firing ment that the damage output from the Torpedo was superior.

Hope that helps and gives you some ideas.