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Santiago: Given your leadership experience, I was hoping to get some help with assembling the new Starfleet Command. Admiral Ross will function as my Military advisor and liaison to Starfleet, but two Admirals isn't enough.

Select who you will for the positions, but I do have one condition.

Director Chester, from S.H.I.E.L.D. should be contacted to run security checks on everyone you choose.

I'd also like your input on where to hold the peace conference.
James: Well, for one. I would recommend Captain Dorman given his experience and record, also how he was able to take the replicators away from M. The Next Captain Bright of the USS Argo. I was also considering Captain F'dan of the USS Vaas. What the people need for the rest of the positions are not only capable individuals, but people who can think of the public and the need for understanding rather than keeping the status quo. If there is one thing this whole ordeal has taught us is that the status quo is no longer applicable here. M was born of that and look what happened. As for the rest of the candidates I will forward their dossiers to Director Chestor and to yourself. What we need is something to change but yet keep things firm and not as slow as before.

Man in the back: Admiral Allen.. I do agree with you change does need to happen. But how do we do this when we have been as we call it here on Earth nearly neutered.

James: I do suggest one thing. Romulan space needs to be settled, they do need time to get a feel for the galaxy. The one thing Vala has in her favor is that M is no longer manipulating her regime. The Klingons will follow us as they are still a part of the Federation. I think giving them some seats in the Parliment will be a good idea. As for the POW's

Man: As yes those artificial beings. I do think we should give them clemency and a chance to make up for what they have done. But as for Gingrich's straight DNA line it should be closed until we deciede it is safe.

James: *relatively surprised at this new person..* That is reasonable. The Romulans and Vala won't like that very much. They may suggest something extreme.

Man: Naturally they will Romulans are a passionate people. But they may have to suffice with that point as we don't condone execution of a sentient being.