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01-01-2013, 11:42 AM
All player types are equally useful in PVP, you just have to know what each is capable of. Cruisers don't "destroy" thing per-say, but they do make sure it's allies escorts can do their job, for example.

If you're going down the escort path, don't try an Aquarius. It's just awful. While it's turn-rate is great that's pretty much it. Not to mention it'll cost you 4 or 5 fleet ship modules just to get one...

Have a look at all the escorts available, their all good at something. Personally I go for either the Defiant or the Jemmy for aggressiveness.

As guriphu said below, consider a PVP fleet to join it too, or at least hang out with. You're welcome to hang with us and get a few tips.

Good luck!