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01-01-2013, 12:00 PM
I don't like the auxilliary cannons so I really can not recommend them to anyone, but if you insist using them, be my guest.

My build (U.S.S. Invictus)

2x Advanced Fleet Phaser DHC
1x Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher

2x Advanced Fleet Phaser Turrets
1x Kinetic Cutting Beam

Bridge officers:
Lt. Cmd. Universal: TS 1, C-SV 1, C-RF 2
Ensign Universal: EPtW 1
Lt. Tactical: TT1, APB1
Lt. Engineering: ET1,EPtS2
Cmd Science: PH1, HT2, TSS3, GW3

Engineering Consoles: Neutronium Alloy, Multidimensional Wave Function Analyser
Science Consoles: Assimilated Module, 2x Field Generator, Quantum Field Focus Controller
Tactical: Fermion Console, 3x Phaser Relay
Hangar: Advanced Danube Runabout

Shield, Engine, Deflector: MACO

Now let the flames begin.

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