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01-01-2013, 12:11 PM
Thanks everyone for the information; that's very helpful and explains everything. I definately remember the green cloud! I did manage to dispel it with my Hazard emitters, and the science team did do the repairs to my hull fairly quickly. So, by running, I was in front of the ship, as it chased me, and avoided the aft Eject Warp Plasma... nasty stuff... indeed I want to avoid it.
Raptor: I'm actually a good programmer, and have the multiple key press down. I'll take your advice about my remove and repair effects and bind them separately to another key so I can time them better when they're really needed. I've decided to put some Torpedo's as one of my aft weapons so I can smack harder when running away. I was suprised to find as I ran away I was able to beat the ship; but the head on approach I did with the Klingon's was failing miserably. I could run circles around the Gorn ship, and know now to say away from their back end!

For me, the multiple key binds are an abosolute necessity. I went from being able to slowly beat down ships to taking on a whole armada after doing the keybinds; so, I'll be loathe to give them up. But, I've noticed as the game progress and also my skills, I will need to make several keybinds, and ship setups based on the enemy. I guess I'll have to learn the hard way, how to set up for that.

I'm in the middle of the time-travel episode and am experiencing first hand how wonderful this game can get. I was scared witless with my first encounter with the Davidians. There's nothing like being held in the air and being able to do nothing, until I discoverd I can dispel the holds.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of setting up the proper duty officers as active for use in buffing the ship. I don't have alot of money to buy Zen; and although I don't hate farming, like to avoid too much of it as it intereferes with the game. But, in all the online MMO's, I've found STO much to my likeing and fitting of my style. I prefer thinking games over brute force FPS and this fits the bill. I've already begun exploring the foundry, and upgraded my account so I can play with that. I'm looking forward to continued play, and you folks have really come through for me. I love to return time, for time helped and give back to the community. As my skills grow, and my knowledge of the game improves, I hope everyone can look forward to my foundry submissions and some additional enjoyment.

I've been programming for over 40 years, and so expect to be pushing the boundries of the IDE in foundry anytime soon, playing some of the foundry games, and experiencing some of the sophistocation and variability of the Episodes fills me with hope as I look forward to unleashing my programming skills.
I've been known in the past to write some epic programs and once really into it and familiar with the restraints of the system can code upwards of 2000 words a day or more, or several pages of code.

I do find the foundry a little cllunky, and I see it's only in <1.0 release form; there's a lot of improvement to be made.

Also, I forgot to lock my tray, and when I upgraded I lost all my keybinds as they're based on the HUD layout and location of my skills in the tray. A lesson I won't soon forget. And so, in the community, I make my first suggestion. Auto re-lock for the tray. I would like to have my tray set to auto re-lock every time after I exit the skills menu. That way, If I forget, the auto-lock feature will prevent the game from modifying my tray. I think this is an oversite of the developers, as I'm sure none of them really think that the game knows best how I manage my keyboard and key binds. It's presumptious to assume I want them to rework with apparent randomness the location of my skills in the tray. This has to be an oversite on their part; and the fix will be simple.

Again, thanks all; and I look forward to seeing everyone around. I'm interested in learning more about the KDF and Fleet. So far, I'm a loner; mostly because I never think my skills are sufficient to be of benefit to a 'team'. But, I feel I need to get over that. Anyone who could help with my learning about KDF, and the Fleet; please let me know... That help will also be much appreciated. Although, I have seen indications that I may be jumping the gun; my skill level may be too low for those things. KDF that is, the fleet maybe something for me to consider, if I can find the right fit. I plan on following the Science Vessel route the whole way, and need to understand what will be expected with my role as a science vessel, and what path to follow.

Everyone, have a happy, and safe NEW YEAR! Let us all rejoice in the failure of the world to end. As Marvin the Martian once said, "Where's the Kaboom!"