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01-01-2013, 01:12 PM
For PvP you may try a sci or tac in tactical Vesta with MES III and VM III and Aux cannons (with high shield/aux power setup). It will require quite specific gameplay, with your ship being sort of F-22 (or BoP) which strikes and vanishes, no dogfights etc. but I think it could work.

But this will be either a lone wolf ship for Ker'rat or for a team that you know really well and played with for long time, othervise it would be rather squishy ship, as you will need to dedicate the two highest sci slots for stealth and offensive powers and the universal lt.cmdr for tactical to get CRF II and HYT II.

And, of course, some real money or long grind to get Vesta in three pack (3x Aux cannons).

I played with simmilar idea - just for MVAE. Worked pretty well, but the ship was extremely squishy, I think worse then BOP as you needed full Aux to MES and full Weapon power for cannons and could not swith the power as the ship relied on Alphas and hit-run tactics.

But for killing it worked pretty well in Ker'rat and C&H - quite a BoP hunter. Loved to kill them when they were decloaking for Alpha strike not realizing that my black MVAE was nearby

For PUGer as myself it was pretty useless in Arenas.

It should work with Vesta a little better cause of Aux cannons and more capable shielding, but then Vesta is less manoeuvrable then MVAE so who knows.