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01-01-2013, 01:41 PM
Oh, one other thing with the beam but is it now affected by any abilities or is it purely weapon power that benefits it? I ask because my weapon power is at 89 at the moment, and the cutting beam reads at 509.4 dps.

I compared this to a tetryon turret mk x as something cheap to compare to and the dps for that is only 368.7, and that's with two tetryon pulse generators!

So while the lack of fire at will is still a bummer, the dps on the cutting beam is definitely well above any other turret regardless, and if the enemy shields don't regenerate too quickly then you can get more kinetic damage from the beam than you can from a lot of torpedoes! It's still a bit situational as a well timed torpedo salvo will do more damage in the short term, but if you can keep the enemy shields down the cutting beam really does hurt them even without the tractor beam bonus which I think makes up for the lack of abilities since it makes the beam more comparable to torpedoes than a lot of people seem to think, unless I'm missing something huge?

So while it won't hurt shields as much as other turrets, it really does need to be thought more of as a 360 degree torpedo alternative; no need to bring front arc to bear means you can be doing the damage the moment enemy shields are down while you bring other weapons round (such as cannons and/or a proper torpedo launcher). Even when the enemy shields are up it's still extra damage to the enemy in any direction, unlike torpedoes again which can waste time being brought to bear first. Personally the only issue I really see with it is that without the tractor beam it's not quite as good as torpedoes, and unless you only fire it once the enemy shields are down you have to put up with that extra -8 power.

Anyway, I've been trying to figure out which video setting determines whether the beam shows or not and so far I've had no luck; I think I've tried everything. I'll probably post in one of the support forums though as it's not really relevant here.