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01-01-2013, 12:49 PM
For my part I'd prefer to fight in the "vanilla" to the "elite". The issue always comes down to what some consider "vanilla" others do not. This could lead to like thinking people to start "smurfing" just b/c they prefer to avoid all the power creep.

I think you'd find if there really was a "paupers" style w/only common gear/doffs and non lotto/zen ships and no rep system bonuses you'd find the better players would still pound the crap out of the new players. Even at base level there's a huge difference between an unbuffed alpha and a normal attack, just as there's a huge difference between a defensively buffed target and one that is unbuffed. This means those who know when to apply buffs/debuffs/alphas will trash those who don't know how to properly set up a defensive buff or counter Sci debuffs such as VM and SNB.