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01-01-2013, 01:17 PM
I was trying to make consessions by using a rep system. A free to play game isn't going to further develop something that it doesn't have to, that doesn't require some sort of effort (especially requiring dilithium that the rep system does for items from the store.)

Honestly, every successful mmo with pvp requires a grind, and this game's grind is much faster. Most mmos have tiers of pvp gear required to be succesful. First tier is cheap and easy and fast to get. The next tier is a bit better and harder. The last tier is a bit better and veey hard to get (read requires actual effort). While the top tier is statistically best, a player with skill can still be just as competitive with the first as they continue to play, and eventually catch up in gear.

Pvpers are tired and want balance and content for no cost or time. They're not going to get it because its poor business form. I think the mentality of instant gratification is short sighted.  1347284393
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