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01-01-2013, 03:12 PM
i play exactly 0 other MMOs because the concept is unappealing to me. but startrek happens to be very appealing. the less like an MMO this game becomes the better imo. people should play a game because its good, not because they have to spend a lot of time having very little fun grinding so more fun content is slightly more fun later once you reep the reward. you would think that would leave a bad taste in the mouth of the player base, even if they do put up with it.

grinding that 1 fasted patrol proboly 500 times and chasing those stupid critters for rom marks has put a very bad taste in my mouth. but i would become uncompetitive if i didn't go through with it. unfortunately the passives and some of the gear are that good. luckily i have never grinded stf enough to grow to hate them, as im sure a ton of people have. and they gave a ton of marks so they arent that bad at least.

the only good thing about a pvp rep system is that i will get pvp marks from pvp, so thats not a grind, thats playing the content i would other wise choose to play, and being rewarded for it. this is a good direction.

but, heres the direction i think they are going to take in the future. a new lock box, a new rep system attached to it. and you can get marks from the boxes too, you might even NEED something out of boxes to advance the rep. that would be truly evil, and im almost counting on them doing something like that. at the very least, securing the ship might not be just luck, but luck plus a hilariously expensive project. might even need a component with an ok chance of drop to advance tiers. now this is the stuff of nightmares.
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