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01-01-2013, 03:02 PM
Because of a stupid mistake on my part. I accidentally discarded the console. I was discarding all the gear I stripped off, and wasn't paying attention. Worst part is, it's coded like a C-Store ship, so the console doesn't go into the recycle tab of my replicator. I have a ticket in, but I'm not expecting too much to be honest. I also don't have anything in the subspace decompiler. I did add in a romulan hybrid console from my embassy. Same amount of FloCap, and gives me 9% more plasma damage, and a plasma proc. I think I'll also be adding the torp, and might add in the cutting beam for a full three piece bonus.

Eventually I plan to get the Romulan plasma weapons, since they come with all the varieties of modifiers, including the X2 ones, and have a plasma AND disruptor proc