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01-01-2013, 04:05 PM
Best option?

Disable reputation abilities in PvP until a PvP specific reputation with properly designed abilities that will work well in PvP is released to be used only in PvP.

Snarky Answer? (sarcasm btw)

Time your tractor or alpha strike to go off after the enemy blows his passive placate and you get immunity ya nubs . L2P its not like anyone complains about a well timed RSP or APO messing up their plans!


They have no clue what they are doing at this point. The entire system is designed around OP being the new balance and that only works until OP becomes dangerously stupid broken. It relies upon players not being very good at min/maxing and remaining ignorant of the underlying issues. And if you don't think most players are bad at min/max just join an Estf pug.

*edit add-on*

In the end though until someone somewhere realizes that you cannot have good gameplay that uses the same exact mechanics for PvP and PvE these issues will continue to be a problem. They are two different types of gameplay. I challenge anyone to show me an mmo system that is well balanced, fun to play, and rewarding in both a PvE and PvP environment. And by that I mean they use the same exact system/mechanics and players use the same exact builds/gear/powers in both.

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