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01-01-2013, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by paneth48 View Post
I spend most of my time healing and doing support, this would get me to stop doing either of these things as less damage would mean less loot for me. I already get crap rewards for doing this, if I get a total of nothing I'm gonna say screw it and go escort.

Also it wont stop afk people, they are after the end rewards, not drops (mostly anyway).
Well like I said, in order to roll on the end-mission rewards you would need to do damage to the boss.

Even if you are flying a science vessel, you should have guns on your ship. I'm not suggesting a % based system where the guy who does the most damage gets the loot, I'm suggesting everyone who does any damage to an enemy, gets a chance to roll on the loot.

So if you deal 1 damage to an enemy, you are allowed to roll on any loot it has. If you don't deal any damage, you don't get to roll on any loot.

Again, it's not a perfect system, but this way the leechers would have to at least move around and shoot at things.