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01-01-2013, 03:51 PM
Here is the problem with this situation of changing from Canada to US. Our Currency is worth a fraction more than yours, in basic terms it is on-par with the US. So why are we being charged more for our transactions? The cards have a value of $20, and are not filled to equal that amount they are activated by the retailer to reflect that amount, then UGC changes the value because it was purchased in Canada, thus requiring you to purchase another card to make up the difference. Our currency has been on par or higher for over 2 years so it isn't a new thing, and seeing as the variable charge changes daily they have their own program deciding the exchange rates.

I am currently in discussions with various Canadian retailers to just pull the cards from their shelves until this matter is resolved by Ultimate game Card, and if it isn't to just have them demand a refund for a defective product. I work with the purchasing agents for a large portion of the retailers who currently sell this card, and so far 3 of them are looking into the matter. So for the greed portrayed by UGC in discriminating towards Canadian customers, they will feel it in their pocket book quicker than if just a few people stop buying their cards, it just won't be sold anywhere in Canada.

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