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01-01-2013, 04:34 PM
Hey Jen! I'm one of the Executives from Lag Industries. We run a fleet based on a company. You will live in cubicles too small for your creativity or physical/psychological health. You won't be paid, but you are allowed to steal as many office supplies as you can carry. No, I'm not massively happy to see you, it's a stapler I've got stashed away... We have several hundred members, a fair chuck are pretty active too, people don't get lost in the mix and have every chance of making a name for themselves and rising up. There's always room and time for everyone. Our TS is populated not only with our own members but people from other fleets that have a habit of stopping over, specially on Drunken Fridays.

1. A website - Yep, we have a pretty sexy website which can be found -->here<-- We're always on the lookout for some fresh blood to help us run it as our current web wizard is rather inactive, and rubbing my face against the keyboard has less effect then I'd like...

2. A leadership who are not interested in just numbers - We don't promote people on what they give to the fleet, or how good they are. We recruit based on how social/helpful they are, how much they use our website & TS3, how much they take part in our contests (we like giving away expensive sh*t!)

3. Friends - Any fleet that doesn't offer this isn't really worth a look in.

We have Dominatrix Monday, Pizza Tuesday, Leopard-Print Budgie Smuggler Wednesday, Bring-Your-Bear-to-Work Thursday but sadly have no special Fridays. We're usually either running about town with nets and blow tubes or answering bear-related legal claims.

We're an increasing sight in the PVP queues, we run plenty of PVE, we're active, avid starbase builders and laid back.

Please feel free to nose around the site, TS, or PM me

Happy New Year!

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