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well i do blame the pvp'ers on this. along time ago i made a post about the klink placate on sheilds. but yeah i got jumped on by everyone in this thred about it. oh its you just suck bla bla bla its annoying at best. yeah well now look. you guys are ******** about t4 placate and now the klink sheilds as well. so for calling me a nub about placate a long time ago, look how its come now. t4 rep with sheilds lmao what ever.

side note, this wasent directed at you snoge. just my rant got hyped after reading your post so fast quote. but yeah lest they did tone down the placate on sheilds along time ago but its still bs. its so stupid how the poeple that shot me down about tractors and placate and both combined now come to fourms looking to get it nerfed. and its just like i said, if they put it on a sheild i bet it will come as a passive. and that was a half joke back then. cant believe they actually did it lol.
Not to defend the KHG placate, but there's a huge difference between the two. Against the KHG the attacker has the option of not shooting and just spamming Sci abilities the OP mentions including TBing a target and debuffing it further. Then switching to another target while the TB remains up and allies attack the debuffed target. I had found this to be more of an annoyance than anything.

Now you have builds w/~20% CritH chance which basically means all they need to do is attack you and you're going to get placated. They now have greater control over who gets placated when. So, you can't count on using TB to get a positional advantage even if you aren't firing. This hurts not just offensive output, but defensive positioning.

The KDF Vet ship kept me around for awhile, but it's getting harder and harder to log on anymore. (FYI, can't remember the last time I used KHG shields, I prefer the Omega set).