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01-01-2013, 04:40 PM
I love using tractor beams on my escorts (and carriers) now... It is incredibly annoying to lose targets once you have them selected, esp for Alpha Strikes like everyone has been saying.
+1 to remove this passive completely

Disabling reputation in PvP would make those abilties useless though, who cares if the borg get placated for 2secs its not going to really do anything at all, Cryptic designed it to be used in PvP, it needs to be fixed since it is way to OP. Just a random idea, maybe a hull buff for a passive it would be useful against the borgs torps and wouldn't be bad in PvP as long as it was resonable (a few thousand HP).

Edit 2:
Not that related but what about having Tachyon beam lower the targets shield resist by means of a debuff and the amount scales with aux power, charged particle burst could also do something like this (different duration, different amount etc, obviously lower though since it affects multiple targets, it would still be useful since you can trick the other team into healing someone and jump on someone else, the debuff could be cleared by science or eng team) to all targets within a certain range.

And Cryptic already has certain abilties that are different in PvP to PvE (there is a ground weapon that has a different placate time against human targets than NPCs), and atm saying that there should be equal amount power in PvP and PvE is not 'working' very well since I and many others change weapons, boffs etc depending on PvP and PvE (well anyone that cares about maximum performance in the type of battle they are participating in does (for example tractor beam in PvP is awesome (stops targets, lowers defence) but in PvE putting a second hazard emitters there is much more benefical (clears borg/plasma debuffs more often, recovery for torps easier etc).

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