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01-01-2013, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by apocalypsex99 View Post
I get 1300dps from each aux heavy cannon at max aux. Why increase weapon power to give my turrets a few dps, when dropping 2 gravity wells at max aux should make up for the loss of dps the turrets will give at higher weapon power.
With 4 good phaser consoles you get slightly above 1200 DPS on the aux DHC yes, but you will starve any other weapon, including the rear turrets. For me the loss would be 250DPS on each turret and cutting beam.

I should also add that a Fleet DHC with has about 150 DPS more then the Aux DHC.

So in total I could end up with more then 1K weapon DPS loss for using Aux DHC which I hardly consider insignificant.