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Name: Klingon K'Vort-class Battlecruiser (Hard-canon, see TNG: Redemption, TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise, and DS9: Penumbra (IKS Koraga), to name a few).
Class: Destroyer/Cruiser (Destroyer that, instead of leaning more Tactical, leans somewhat toward Engineering)
Tier: 5 (Unlock at Brigadier General 40)
Hull: 35,000
Shield Modifier: 0.95
Crew: 500
Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft
Bridge Officer Stations: Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Tactical,, Lieutenant Science, Ensign Universal.
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science.
Turn Rate: 12
Inertia Rating: 55 (halfway between the Vor'Cha and Peghqu')
Impulse Modifier: 0.20
+10 Power to Weapons and Shields
Can equip Cannons
Battle Cloak
Console - Universal - Tachyon Infusion Matrix
Cost: 2500 ZEN.

Console ability: The Tachyon Infusion Matrix upgrades your next Torpedo attack. Turns the next torpedo fired into a Tachyon ____ Torpedo (i.e., Tachyon Photon Torpedo, Tachyon Quantum Torpedo), keeping its original properties but causing significant damage to targets' shields on impact. Can be combined with Torpedo: High Yield to fire multiple Tachyon Torpedoes or a Heavy Tachyon Plasma/Tricobalt torpedo; using Torpedo Spread will, upon detonation, create a Tachyon Field in the area (like a Gravity Well). Tachyon Field causes Shield damage over time (DoT damage based on Torpedo: Spread level), with a chance to proc a 5/7/9-second Shield disable (duration depends on Torpedo Spread level) and reveals Cloaked ships in the area (Cloak disable). However, doing either of these will add 15 seconds to the torpedo's cooldown. Shield damage is equal to the amount of hull damage that would be inflicted to the target if their shield facing were down on impact. This console can be equipped on any ship. Tachyon Torpedoes CANNOT be fired from under the Advanced Battle Cloak on the B'rel Retrofit. Console ability has a 2-minute cooldown. Works with all torpedoes, including Romulan Hyper-Plasma, Omega Plasma, and Hargh'Peng torpedoes (Hargh'Peng DoT will drain shields as well, but plasma torpedo DoTs do not).

Description: First brought into service in the early parts of the 24th Century, the variants of the Klingon Bird-of-Prey have been a mainstay of the Klingon Defense Force, as well as an icon of Klingon power. The K'vort-class design is a standard-shape B'rel Bird-of-Prey, but is four times the size. Originally designed to be used for raiding, the K'vort was a more maneuverable battlecruiser than the Vor'Cha, and preferred in some situations (despite its lessened durability).

However, the design was aged, and began to be phased out. However, with the escalation of the war with the Federation and the increasing Borg attacks, the Klingon Defense Force has decided to recommission and update the old design, bringing back the most famous Klingon warship in a century. Now fitted with modern technology, this old Grishnar cat has been given back its teeth to bite at the enemies of the Klingon Empire!

This vessel also comes equipped with a special Tachyon Infusion Matrix, allowing it to fire tachyon-infused torpedoes that shred enemies' shields like a normal torpedo would shred hull.

Design thoughts: This is designed to be a more tanky destroyer, something similar to, but far less powerful than, the Peghqu'. The Destroyers we have now seem to more favor their Escort heritage, where this is designed to look up to daddy Cruiser. The K'vort has long been a fan favorite for thegame. This idea is designed to bring it in. The special console is inspired by the scene in Redemption where Gowron comes under attack by a pair of K'Vorts. They used a special blue-lined torpedo that seemed to do a number to shields (it also had some roots in Star Trek: Armada II, where all K'vorts have a power called "Shield-Breaking Torpedo").

Name: Achilles class (Blatantly ripped straight from Memory Beta, and is a non-canon starship).
Type: Battle cruiser (Federation equivalent of Negh'Var).
Faction: Federation
Tier: 5.5 (Vice Admiral 50 only)
Hull: 39,000 (Fleet Variant: 42,900)
Shield Modifier: 1.00 (Fleet Variant: 1.1)
Crew: 1500
Weapons: 3 Fore, 3 Aft (Fleet Variant: 4/4)
Bridge Officer Stations: Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Tactical, Lieutenant Science, Ensign Universal. (Fleet Variant: Lieutenant Science becomes Lieutenant Universal
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science. (Fleet variant: 4/4/2)
Turn Rate: 11
Inertia Rating: 30
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
+10 Power to Weapons and Engines
Can equip Cannons
Special Weapon slots - 1 Port, 1 Starboard (Can load any weapons)
Cost: 2500 ZEN (Fleet Variant: 30,000 Fleet Credit, 5 Ship modules (2 if non-Fleet owned).

Description: Designed during the Dominion War as a long-range battle cruiser and employed against ketracel-white storage/manufacture centers, the Achilles class was built to be a rival to the Sovereign. Fitted with the cannons prototyped by the Defiant-class for use against the Borg and with a total firepower to rival the Sovereign-class, the Achilles-class was designed for long-term operation behind Dominion lines (so named because it exploited the Dominion's Achilles heel). This ship has now found new purpose, pitted against the Klingon Empire.

Design thoughts: I tried to convey the design of the Memory Beta article as best I could while retaining a semblance of balance. The special weapons slots are for one thing, and one thing only: Torpedo broadsides (which the article says the ship was kinda designed to do). It's kind of designed to mirror the Negh'Var a touch, but it's more maneuverable (2 degrees better on turn rate and a higher Inertia Rating). I also made sure to include Fleet Variant stats. It MAY be a little strong, I agree, but it's supposed to be. Higher Fleet Module/Fleet Credit cost is intentional, since it technically has ten weapons slots and that might be just a LITTLE broken.

All for NOW, if I think of a couple more cool ones, I'll just edit this post.

Revision 2 (1/5/13, V. 2.00):
  • Added Weapon Slot info (terribly foolish oversight on my part).
  • Added new class. Ship designs used: 2/3.
  • Federation Starship.
  • Added C-Store costs.
Author's thoughts:
Thinking about adding Fleet K'vort (Stats will be deployed how they are for the Achilles). Keep an eye out for that.

Revision 1 (1/3/13, v. 1.01):
  • Added Torpedo: Spread functionality to Tachyon Infusion Matrix - Tachyon Field.
  • Added: Console is ship-class Universal.
  • Specified interaction with Advanced Battle Cloak.
  • Clarified Torpedo: High Yield interaction.
  • Specified console ability cooldown.
  • Specified interactions with special torpedoes.
  • A few small typo fixes.
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