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01-01-2013, 04:49 PM
These missions already existed, their purpose was to Grind Accolades since, sure getting 1000 Kiingons kills on Fed side was achievable, same with Klingon ships but take Devidians that would require replaying that featured episode more times I could take.

And that is not going over enemies that barely show up, like Orions.

Are they AFK? not all but I am not going to complain running then with my BOFFs doing the work because first, its LOL Ground and second it TEDIOUS and if I can reduce that to a bare minimum I will do it, also they are not (at least the proper ones) on the same level as Clickers because even its just AFK you still have to waste over half a hour killing 500 enemies.

Serious ... why are you people trying to make this so hard on players? the only a Fed can get Fe'kir Ground kills is running Temple about 1000 time sand that just ground, only way to get ships is by Foundry and even KDF is struck on replay hell with some kills being Foundry only (like Gorn) until S6 and Incursion/Colony but that is still gambling it shows up and reply hell.

People always run Accolade Foundry because its either that or replay hell.