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01-01-2013, 05:47 PM
Even without the CD bugs on bombs, enemy neutralization is far better than turrets. It deals a lot of dps when it's properly used, and requires no doff to get an inferior dps. But it's easy and funny to use, thus people enjoy it a lot. They can spam toys and lights and they do it. And turrets are very relaxing to use even if it's inefficient. I'd accept someone telling me he can't use bombs because he can't handle it. I may not be willing to play with him again but i could do with that.

I really think these kits are only encouraging mediocrity by providing players some of the worst kits with improved stats and a new power. The purpose is noble, as usual (giving those kits a new life) but the result will be a disaster in pve for engs and scis. It'll create more frustration on both parts (experienced players and rookies), more failed games, and thus nothing good.

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