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Name: Lexx.

Tier: Security Guard 4th class. Aka: Tier 0, just because there is no -1. It's stats do increase as the captain does advance in rank as it is still growing.

Weapons: It can equip none. It does come with the Ocular Parabola. It can destroy everything ninety degrees in front of the ship in a single hit up to the map's border, but it is easily dodged by going up or down. If it does hit a planet Lexx does receive a 'happy' moodlet that does give it boni all across the board for the duration of the battle. It does have a low power mode that does shot faster, is more tri-dimensional, and does not continue until it does hit the end of the map. It does still kill everything it does touch in a single hit. The low power mode does not destroy planets.

Hangar Slots: 2. It can only equip Moths and Brunnen-G fighters (optional C-Store purchase). The fighters do shoot several missile attacks before crashing against the enemy ship's bridge, all the while their pilots do sing Yo Way Yo (which is it actually heard by any player close enough to get their sound effects). The moths do work as a very fast and agile boarding crew. If they do reach an enemy ship a hot Divine Assasin gets on board and they are pretty much done for as these are immune to everything that does counter a normal boarding party. Every now and then a hot Hungry Space Plant does get on board. The result is pretty much the same but the crew dies a happier death.

Hull: The same as a cruiser/carrier of the same tier. It does regenerate constantly, if slowly. If it does collide head on with a ship it will eat it regardless of the victim's allegiance and heal a good deal of damage. Sometimes it does get an indigestion based on what status effect the snack was under, leading to unexpected boni and mali.

Shield Modifier: Uhm... No?

Impulse modifier and inertia rating: The same as an escort/raptor of the same tier.

Doff assignments: While on the Lexx you do get many unique Doff assignments. Some do deal with blowing up out of the way backwater planets in exchange for assorted boni (similar to the current maintenance ones). Some do deal with your hot Divine Assasin or your hot Hungry Space Plant going on a rampage. The assignment chains do deal with your crew trying to get laid and the unexpected and usually lethal complications that do arise from it. At least one assignment in these Chains does deal with destroying a planet.

Console - Universal - Divine Predecessors: An optional C-Store purchase. You did somehow manage to strike a deal with your salty and moldy hostages. They can take control of an enemy ship, making it attack your enemies instead of your allies. In PvP this does work by switching the models of all allied targets to enemy ones and vice-versa, and only allowing it to attack the ones in the opposite side, yet the damage and healing it does inflict does still count towards their score to motivate them to shoot their own side and heal yours. While this is in effect the voices of the divine predecessors singing creepy amusing songs does override the game's music, and the voices of the divine predecessors doing sound effects (boom! Pew pew!) do override the game's own.

Other: Debuffs that do target electronic systems do not really work on it. Neither do Boarding Parties. Hot Hungry Space Plant, remember? It can only equip misfit crew members: C-Store ones, special reward ones, etc. No clear cut characters of either side are allowed on it.

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