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01-01-2013, 06:09 PM
This is my current setup. It'll change over time, but for the most part seems to be working out well. I'm using gravity well for crowd control, I really don't have this character speced for that, but I need something for STFs considering the number of dumba....developmentally challenged people in those PUGs

Also, I'm using dual beams on the front, buffed this thing has a turn rate of over 16.5, more then enough to use them. I'm going to do the Omega torpedo once I get around to it.

Tac Team , Attack Pattern Beta
Emergency to shields 1, Reverse Polarity, Emergency to structural, Aceton Beam
Emergancy to sheilds 1
Polarize Hull, Hazard 2, Gravity well 1
Hazard 1, Tykens Rift 1