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# 1 Hive Ground death/end-loot bug
01-01-2013, 06:35 PM
I just completed Hive Ground elite. We killed the Queen without any problem the first time, the cutscene played, and she respawned. We killed her again, only this time she was lucky enough to knock me off the edge with a knock-back blast almost the exact moment we killed her. The cutscene immediately played again.

Then I saw that I had died on the floor below the boss room - where my end-loot container spawned.

While this in itself is an issue (thanks for making my loot impossible to get to in the first place, Cryptic), I couldn't even get back into the boss room when I repsawned outside of it (as the fight had ended) - the entrance forcefield never dropped again, so I couldn't run into the room to madly spam 'F' while committing suicide to see if I could nab my already-impossible-to-get-to loot. Thanks for making it doubly impossible to get to.

Care to maybe fix this so maybe the loot drops in standard, easy-to-reach, standardized places, like it used to at the end of Infected, Cure, Khitomer? Or is that too difficult?