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# 28 20 hr timer b*%%s&it
01-01-2013, 07:41 PM
well ive been runing it every day i can posibly get to computer what with cristmass and newyears and i still have 5 runs to go
a 12 or a 8 hr timer would of alowed me to run it alot more relaiably and say 20 days to run it on ending at cristmass, im sure im not the only 1 with a life and the need to do stuff apart from play vidio games, 1/2 the time i do get to log on its a few hrs early or a day after i could of claimed it which sofar has cost me 10 days at curent average ill be about 40-80 pictures short
if they were tradable id of had a few by now have 15 chars but locking them to 1 char, like all the rep system means i dont play 14 of my 15 chars anymore