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01-01-2013, 08:57 PM
The Vesta isn't slow, it doesn't even come close to being slow. Now Carriers, or at least the Fat Vo'quv and Kitty Carrier, those are slow.

As for a Defiant being squishy, built wrong, they are squishy (actually they are crunchy, not squishy, like salad croutons), but we all have seen or flown Defiants that moved so fast, it seemed like they were taking a severe beating when really, everything coming at them just missed completely. So built right, they aren't so easily destroyed.

As for what ship you would want to fulfill how you want to play, Escorts are what you need to look at. Which one you pick depends on which one you like the best.

For more durability, go for the Patrol Escort or the Fleet Patrol Escort, or the Escort Retrofit or Fleet variant (they are the Saber class ships you get at Tier 2, just beefed up to Tier 5 standards). These ships have more Engineering console slots and more wiggle room with Engineering Bridge Officers.

For more Science tricks, the Advanced Escort, Multi-Vector Advanced Escort, or the Fleet Advanced Escort is the ship for you. They are less durable than the previous ships I mentioned, but have more Science Consoles and Science Bridge Officer slots, and you can slot some Science heals to make up for lost Engineering power.

For sheer destructive power, the Tactical Escort Retrofit or the Fleet Version is your ship. The Fleet Version even possesses 5 Tactical Consoles. That is a lot of damage to be unleashing on your enemies, and they can be slotted with the Cloaking Console for surprise Alpha's.

You should not get the Aquarius, it is severely gimped. It is squishy as hell, possesses fewer weapons than other Escorts, and although it has more Engineering consoles and universal slots, it's weak hull and shields, and no battle cloak (which is the only thing that keeps the Bird of Prey's on the Klingon side from being terrible ships), make this possibly the worst Escort in the game.

And I doubt you will have the money to purchase the Jem'hadar Attack Ship, hence why I didn't mention it in the Escorts to choose list.