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# 1 My Breen Warship build so far
01-01-2013, 09:13 PM
I recently got the breen ship on my tac captain and outfitted it for STFs with some spare gear. My first impression: this ship is pure awesome. What really makes it shine is the maneuverability and boff layout in my opinion.

Here's my setup, largely unaltered from when I first outfitted it:

Fore: 2x tet dhcs, 2x tet beam arrays, all MKXII

Aft: 3x tet beam arrays MKXII, 1x tricobalt mine launcher MKXI

MACO shields MK XI

Borg Deflector

Borg Engines

Engineering consoles: Monotanium Mk XI, Electroceramic Mk XI, EPS regulator Mk X (rare)

Science Consoles: Breen, Shield Emitter Mk X, Emitter Array MkXII

Tactical Consoles: 4x tetryon Mk XI

Boff universal: EMPtS I,
Tac Lt: TTI, APB I
Eng Lt: EMPtS I, RSP I
Sci Lt. Cmdr: HE I, TSS II, GW I

I haven't tried this in elite STFs yet but it cleans house in normal ones. The tricobalt mines are incredible when combined with DPB?I was able to take down a borg negh'var on my own after it spawned with this, something I've never been able to do in a cruiser before (I typically fly escorts, I've never been able to make a really great cruiser yet) I held it down with GW, ate through its shields, and three trics to the hull finished it off in no time. This ship does good damage both front on and in the broadside. The turn rate allows me to hit CRF for burst damage, and then hit BFAW and switch to constant damage in a broadside. The ship's durability is impressive too, even though its crew seems really low for a cruiser. While this build is definitely above average in terms of performance, I don't think it's ready for Elite yet or PVP, the latter of which I'm only just starting to do. It also suffers because alot of its gear is stuff I had lying around in my bank, and all the beams I had to buy off of the exchange. I didn't have enough ECs to buy enough very rare gear for the ship, even at MK X level, so I stuck with common and uncommon for all the weapons. Slowly I'll start replacing those as I make an effort to earn more. What are your thoughts so far? Any recommendations on how to improve this?

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