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01-01-2013, 09:33 PM
baudi I am still using that Captain level Defiant. The ship I have brought unfortunately when I was promoted Rear Admiral was a Assault Cruiser. And unfortunately I find that the Captain Level Defiant has more firepower than the Assault Cruiser, though I have to admit that the Defiant doesn't seem to survive for too long in a fight these days.

I will be investing in a new ship in the coming few days. I could really use some advice on this matter. My options are as follows and please let me know if there are any more options.

-Aquarius Destroyer : Not possible at the current time, dont have anywhere near the fleet credits required and our Fleet Starbase is currently only at level 2 Shipyard
-Tactical Escort Retrofit : Nice little ship, I already have the Captain level version. Is the Cloak really as important as it sounds? Big bonus is that it can be upgraded to the Fleet version when our fleet shipyard eventually reaches level 3. Hopefully by that time I should have the fleet credits to buy the upgrade otherwise I will be up the Creek
-Chimera Heavy Destroyer : Damn this ship looks and from what I've read sounds deadly.
-Escort Retrofit : Lower hull strength and the Impulse Burst sounds like crap. Is it really worth the money?
-Fleet Patrol Escort : can get this one from our Fleet Starbase no problem. However don't have nearly enough fleet credits, current bank balance is only a couple thousand fleet credits. Is it worth the wait?

Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks everyone!
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