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01-01-2013, 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by samb0wski View Post
-Aquarius Destroyer
Fail ship, ignore it.

-Tactical Escort Retrofit
Its the most tactical of the escorts, the cloak ... well its a console and its not that useful, upgrading it to Fleet is very viable since it just requires a T3 Shipyard (unlike the Failquarius) and gives a 5th Tactical Console Slot making even more deadly.

-Chimera Heavy Destroyer
1000 days Veterans reward, its not viable as a option due to cost.

Escort Retrofit
Not really, you also dont get the console as those are ONLY in the Zen Store ships.

Fleet Patrol Escort
Well I say get the Steamrunner, account unlock and its pretty much a better ship, it have more Hull, a higher Shield Modifier and more important, TWO Lt. Eng Stations instead of one not to say you have to pay 4 Fleet modules for the Fleet Patrol Escort that is just a character unlock.

Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks everyone![/quote]