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01-01-2013, 10:45 PM
I agree with this. Personally the only thing good about the dilithium market for me is that I can actually see the end of my slow grind to a C-store ship.

I also agree with the EC crunch, I got lucky on a console doff mission and sold one for 16 million, which should cover the rest of the rep grind for one or two more characters. Not sure if I'll really go beyond that. I think Cryptic did this to cut out hte EC stockpile in the game, however, I don't think they took into account that not everyone has a stockpile. A well executed sick for a resource should be placed so that it doesn't unfairly drain from those who don't have it. I would love it if they took all the EC stuff out of the rep system, and put it someplace like the starbases, maybe for defense outposts or personal quarters. Something that is cool, but not as necessary as the rep system.

And I agree with the dilithium costs on the projects. They are all inflated. Particularly the ones that don't actually give you anything, like the store unlocks. I'd be willing to live with the dilithium costs of the items, if dilithium was taken out of all projects, both rep and starbase, that didn't give an item directly. So for instance, no dilithium costs of rep store unlock projects, only for the guns in the store. And no dilithium costs for starbase and embassy leveling, only for the costs of the ships/items in the stores that they unlock. Otherwise, its basically paying twice for the same thing.

And yes, Romulan STFs please or anything that gives more than 15 romulan marks besides epohh farming.
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