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01-01-2013, 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by apocalypsex99 View Post
I get 1300dps from each aux heavy cannon at max aux. Why increase weapon power to give my turrets a few dps, when dropping 2 gravity wells at max aux should make up for the loss of dps the turrets will give at higher weapon power.
you lose insane amounts of DPS from turrets at low weapon power. my turrets in an stf deal 3000 dps overall (that is your avg odyssey captain right there, only from the turrets), if I go down to minimum weapon power (63/25) I would lose half of the dealt dps. now lets say that grav wells at full aux will make up some dps too, but it wont make up 1500 dps loss (I highly doubt that it would even grant a 500 dps bonus)

also using the phasers are dps loss in themselves