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And I disagree with your disagreement. I have an engi in a Fleet Recon Science Vessel. And even though it's amusing, it's not much more than that. You can drain well, and you can snare well, but overall you WILL fail in PvP with one of those, even despite your added tankiness. Because you can be an unbreakable brick, but that's all you'll be.
you know, that's exactly right for PVP...and personally i think an engi in a sci vessel works just great. lots of power can only work to the advantage of a sci ship. more aux power, the better most sci abilitys become...this combined with increased survivability is just what you need in pvp.
while you find it amusing to drain and shut down other ships, that is actually really effective too, and is a hell of an annoyance to others. And doing so with an engi or sci is no different. Both sci and engi can be quite effective in sci vessel, i would say both fill the spot perfectly, but with slightly different benefits for each. not better, just different.

an unbreakable brick, that crowd controls and shuts down enemy ship is a great asset for a PVP team...far from fail in my opinion. i mean you list basically everything a sci ship can do in pvp yourself, but you draw the conclusion that it is fail, this i can't understand.
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