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01-02-2013, 01:15 AM
If you're going the 'alien tac all space traits' road (which is a solid option, mind), or even 'alien, [any career]', you basically need the following traits:

Accurate (+accuracy is very solid)
Elusive (+defense is actually pretty hard to get, outside of 'going really fast')

Outside of these traits, there's 'Efficient Captain', which is a solid investment, or my personal favourite:

+10 Starship Sensors
+10 Starship Flow Capacitors
+10 Starship Particle Generator

Which is a solid boost, even if you aren't running a science heavy build.

Another Fed or KDF option is to play as a "Joined Trill". While trill have a mandatory ground trait (Hyper metabolism), Joined Trill also offer the following, which is very solid for space PVP:

Joined Symbiote
+3.3 Starship Hull Repair
+3.3 Starship Shield Emitters
+3.3 Starship Weapons Training
+3.3 Starship Warp Core Potential
+6.7 Starship Graviton Generators
+6.7 Starship Particle Generator
+6.7 Starship Subspace Decompiler