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Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
For reference, this was your original thread:

Anyway, glad to see you're back! I've been waiting a long time.

So as usual, my comments and tips on the next episode (38):
  • This was a nice intro on what's new from a new player's perspective, though there's other elements that you probably don't know about, such as fleet starbase construction, or the new adventure zones, sector, and STFs. You'll learn more about those once you get higher level, other than the fleet starbases, which just requires joining a fleet.
  • The C-Store is actually still called the C-Store, as the C stands for Cryptic.
    But you're absolutely right about the currency being used in the C-Store now being Zen.
    Here's the official word:
  • I wouldn't worry too much about the gear in the dilithium store. There's nothing you'll really need from there, especially while levelling. I'd save your dilithium for things you'll want once you reach the upper levels.
  • I'm not sure if you just didn't mention it when you're going over duty officers or not, but you can also assign them to active duty, giving you the benefits of the duty officer, such as faster recharge times on certain abilities. Doing so makes them unavailable for use on assignments however.
  • While you didn't do any combat, I noticed your ground bar looked rather sparse. One reason I like engineers, is all the little devices they can use for ground action. At your current level, I'd suggest purchasing a common kit from the requisitions officer at Earth Spacedock named 'Bunker Fabrication' or 'Enemy Neutralization' to get to play around with a bunch of the abilities you can get in that regard. Alternately, you could wait until those types of kits get offered up as rewards from the missions you play.
Thanks for the old thread link, didn't have it bookmarked and then it was just a pain to try and find it again!

Whoops on the dilithium store. >.> But I do enjoy doing the Starfleet Academy events so I'll recover.

I didn't mention the active duty portion of duty officers, you're right. Slipped my mind.

Yeah, I still play my Engineering Captain like a Tactical Captain.