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01-02-2013, 01:30 AM
Originally Posted by bohiap View Post
If he hadn't done the Omega reputation mission he wouldn't have been able to get the Mark XII at all.
I ran into this on my Klingon alt awhile back. IIRC logging in and out didn't do anything, but zoning into another area did. ie I was on DS9 so I beamed up to my ship, went to the first city and it updated when I beamed down.

edited to add: I just reread the OP and realized you had a piece of Mk XII prior to Season 7. I seem to remember threads where people encountered a bug, because it wasn't being counted as the third piece- ie the bug wants you to get all three pieces through the reputation store. I think it was mentioned that it was being patched, but I don't know if it has been.
This is what I wanted. Outstanding - thank you.