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# 1 PVP Call Out.
01-02-2013, 01:34 AM
To get straight to the point, we need more PVPers in Lag Industries.

We're a PVE fleet going through the motions to be PVP associated, and we're struggling to get a base number of players together to garner a premade with which to challenge other fleets. With older fleets disappearing and newer ones becoming more prominent, LAG's struggling to pick up any established talent that appears before it's sucked up into another fleet.

We have maybe 8 consistent players that PVP on a daily basis, but few are able to stand up to other players on an equal basis. We lack the abilities to make a good premade and several players willing to do so.

Are there any as yet unspoken for players within the community that would like to make there home here? Our TS & website is active, we have T3 Science, T3 Engineering, T4 Military and nearly T4 star base as a whole. We're hardly the best place in the world to put down roots, but there are much worse.

We're also looking for anyone who'd be willing to share a few pointers on making a premade.

Feel free to hop on TS, the site or mail me.