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01-02-2013, 02:56 AM
New Review:
- November/December 2012 edition of the Stonewall Times (PDF file)

"Backyardserenade delivers a phenomenally written, Bajoran-centric story that has its roots in the Deep Space Nine universe. The intricately developed storyline easily rivals those being published by some of the best Foundry authors known to the community, despite this being the author's first published mission. This story would find itself at home in the DS9 TV series." - Stonewall Times
The article also includes an in-depth interview about the mission and its creation process!


Current version: 1.03.011

- fixed some typos
- changed some odd-looking animations

- added a little combat to the later parts of the mission
- fixed a potentially game-breaking bug where an NPC contact could get accidentally destroyed, hindering mission progress

"Sometimes you have to do things that you hate, so you can survive to fight another day."

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