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Originally Posted by cakeballs View Post
Terrible idea. Knowing that the dance is copy-written, PWE will have a hard time explaining it to the artists of PSY.
It is not unheard of for Korean MMOs to have dances or even songs by popular artists and idols on their games, or to have them endorse them. For example IU did recently sign up to endorse (that game about winged people and a tower of eternity whose name the forum for some reason does censor) and SECRET did a few photoshoots and endorsements for Blade & Soul, which did also use their song Shy Boy on one of the trailers along a little dance routine based on SECRET's own. Both IU and SECRET are currently Top Tier in the K-Pop scene.

Being a chinese company Perfect World could have it a little harder but not by much as both 'the big three' and several smaller companies do work in close association with both chinese and japanese companies.

And there's the point PSY's parent company (was it YG? I am not sure right now) does want to take advantage of Gangnam Style's viral success to start expanding more openly on the western markets, which would give it a clear advantage after how badly did SM, JYP, and the like fail in doing so.

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