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welp, i got the romulan torp, and spread 3. guess im gonna have to see this for myself. even low damage, i don't see how someone could survive 12-50 torp impacts. the target will be EWP'ed or TB'ed too, so hitting them with it at close range should not be a problem. if all the kinetic impact doesn't decimate their shields and deal lots of bleed, 12-50 DOTs dealing between 200-400 damage a tic should finish the job
There is a little more to it than just that single torpedo. You have to have x3 Projectile Doffs and one of the fast firing 1.5second torpedoes. When the doff trigger happens at the same time as torpedo spread the romulan torp goes crazy spamming out tons of shots. With the Omega torp you run out of ammo but triggers still happen, leaving only the Rom torp to torpedo spread fire.