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01-02-2013, 03:57 AM
I've been in Lag Industries for over a year now, wanted to shed some more light on what the fleet is about. The best way to describe the fleet is "organized casual with skill". Our player base tends to trend towards more mature players in their 20's (or 30's, in my case). Our mentality is that, if someone finds the time to log in and wants to do something, we strive to ensure that there are people ready to participate who know what they're doing. The leadership is active and present, and is constantly working to ensure there is a structure within the fleet to inspire growth while encouraging players to do what they enjoy.

The idea is that people aren't forced to do something they don't like to do. There are plenty of people in the fleet that enjoy what others do not, and come together as a whole to provide the fleet with what it needs.

We all started as a group of strangers who have become good friends, and our demeanor and tones reflect that on teamspeak and in game chat. We have no interest in constant negativity, dramatics, talking behind people backs, or rudeness. We're older and more mature players who live our lives outside of STO, and we have no patience for those that would seek to test it while we play.

If you've been looking for a place to land where you can play with skilled players in many aspects of the game, Lag Industries offers that. If you're looking to enjoy conversation with adults, Lag Industries offers that too. If someone isn't a fantastic player and wants to be, we're always offering to take apprentices. So long as we can tolerate a person's attitude, they'll be welcomed in our fleet.  1347284393
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