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01-02-2013, 04:58 AM
I'll post here what I put on the Dil Re-Run announcement:

I'm sure I read something about Project Re-runs would be reduced in cost. I run a small fleet, of 20-30 members with up to 10 that are regularly on at some point. Yes the projects are achievable, but at a cost. 200k Dilithium for a pretty starbase seems a bit excessive, we've still got quite a few projects to complete for the special ones and at the same time we're trying to push our way through the starbase tiers. They could replace the dilithium requirement with Starbase Provisions (like the embassy ones), whether they make it 5000 or 10000, I dont mind, it would be more achievable at least. I think the introduction of dilithium was one of the worst ideas in STO. All this one currency game idea seems to have flown out the window. It just doesn't feel very Trek to be paying out all this dilithium all the time, it's not a currency. Federation isn't suppose to use money anyway, how about focusing on having the requirements based on the commodities or just lowering the cost of the special projects based on fleet size. I still think a cosmetic upgrade should not fall into the same costs as end game gear, I'm sorry but if all something does is look pretty, it shouldn't be worthy having to spend dilithium on it when we can only refine 8k a day.
Cryptic say they've looked at the scaling system and people would take advantage of it if projects were scaled to fleet size. I've looked at this and it could be done in a way that would make it harder for people to take advantage of. All you would have to do is put in a really long time delay for when the size of a fleet gets reduced below a certain threshold. Say 1-2 weeks for the project requirements to get reduced based on unique account names in a fleet and not actual characters.

The whole dilithium system just seems to have gotten silly, yes I can make more than the 8k a day and I wouldn't want everything handed to me on a silver platter, at the same time I don't think smaller groups should be punished. Of course it should get tougher as you get closer to your goal, but not so tough for a small group that you start thinking, "Why bother?". Even with the new ways to earn dilithium, some things seem unachievable at times. I'm sure Cryptic are listening to someone from WoW suggesting how to change their game, cause I use to earn my dilithium with DoFFs and upgrading them at the Academy, then they increased the cost by ALOT. I play this game for the social aspect and to escape from the stress of RL - Alot of my fleet members are either married, have kids or in full time work. We won't quit at getting through the projects, but it can get very disheartening at times.