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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Don't expect to do end-game content without dying. That's what's broken. Not the enemies.
I have witnessed a Borg Unimatrix ship use Torpedo: Spread III without the icon or visual effect noting a buff ever appearing. That is broken. You know what else is broken? A kinetic attack hitting with numbers so ludicrously high that the 90% damage resistance offered by shields can't compensate. It's even more ridiculous when said shields and your hull are fully buffed for damage resistance and you're still getting one-shotted.

I've been into this before, and I'm going to bring it up again. In game design, there are two kinds of difficulty you can offer to a player, artificial (bad) and natural (good). Cryptic has taken the artificial route, where NPCs ignore the rules of the game and are equipped with abilities so powerful that they overwhelm the player's ability to resist them. To put it bluntly, this is a terrible solution that reeks of laziness. They should instead give the Borg Hazard Emitters III an AI that promotes cross-healing other Borg ships. This has already been done with the Regeneration Probes, so we know they're capable of it. To balance this out, give them higher sustained DPS (as of now, even with spikes, it's sub-1,000) and remove their ability to spike so outrageously high.

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