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01-02-2013, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by thunaeris View Post
I recently decided to have a go at Elite Difficulty during missions, both for the challenge and for the alleged higher value drops.
I found it harder work and a more interesting challenge but still doable, it just takes a little more time to take down enemies rather than insta-kill, which is good and expected.

I was expecting to get maybe slightly less frequent drops but slightly better ones, yet oddly the drops are actually worse, despite the efforts. I end up with endless drops of various batteries and commodities (seemingly more than before) and if I end up with anything like an engine I'm lucky to find it to be even equal to what I might have gotten playing normal and so people are aware I tested it out playing the same missions over and over to compare results.

I wouldn't mind if I got less frequent drops or if they were really harder to get, so long as it was worth the bother.

Currently it seems Elite and possibly Advanced ( I haven't bothered with the latter) are totally pointless except for extra frustration or masochistic flagellation.

This is especially true with the increased chance of taking damage and needing to trudge off to get things repaired.

What are other peoples experiences playing "Elite" and does it ever pay?
It seems broken, so for me; I think I will no longer bother.
Are you high? Elite difficulty is for STFs. Allow my to explain: Normal difficulty = 20 Omega marks. Elite difficulty= 60 - 90 Omega marks (depending on the mission) plus Borg Neural Processors (1 - 11 depending on the mission) and Mark XII gear and weapons. Just bring a lot of regenerators and components because you will be killed often. Die, regenerate or repair then keep going. It's worth it. A Mark XII photon does the same damage as a Mark XI Harpeng.